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Below are designs for t-shirts in each distance category and the design for the pint glass. I’m sorry I don’t have mock ups, just the .png file, because I am not a graphics and marketing #innovator, merely a lowly pleb. If you notice that the designs are not different, but simply different colorways, then congratulations on your keen and discerning eye.

2021 Artwork below – artwork by Shuilam Wong

Shuilam Wong is a visual artist who was raised in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Beijing. She studied illustration in London at Camberwell College of Art, where she developed her minimalistic and graphic style. Her works are often vibrant energetic depictions of people, anthropomorphic animals, and monsters from real life, imagination, and dreams, respectively. Fine her at or on Insta @shuiwong.

10k and 21k

42k and 60k

2020 Artwork Below – artwork by Alan Xie – aka Twistychips





2019 Artwork Below

Here is the full marathon tee. So fashion!

And the half marathon tee. 牛逼啊!

Of course the 10k, in the noblest shade of purple:

And the pint glass which is, surprise! just the same design without distance.

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